I really like Amanda because of her fashion sense and her really cool ways. Her and Marc are besties forever and I love watching all the episodes again and again! They are all amazing!!

Also, if you go onto youtube or something and type in mode after hours, it features Marc and Amanda after hours and getting into all sorts of different trouble and adventure!! Haha!! I always laugh my head off!

Works as the receptionist at Mode.


Amanda's bestie and takes pictures of Betty everyday and puts them onto a website. He started taking them ever since Betty came to Mode, but she never knew till later when Daniel told her!!

Wilhelmina's assistant. He loves her really and they mostly do things ilegal!!


Doesn't really have much fashion sense until later until she gets her braces off. She looks really beautiful like Hilda. She loves her family dearly and mostly ignores Marc and Amanda's comments about her until Betty got her YETI project and Marc said it was because she was Latina.

Has had a few boyfriends and in the end at the end of Season 4, she becomes an editor and doesnt have a boyfriend.

Please tell me if I have put any error into this!! Thanks :) x

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