Daniel "DJ" Meade, Jr. is the fictional illegitimate son of character Alexis Meade on the ABC dramedy Ugly Betty. He is played by Julian De La Celle

Daniel Meade Jr.
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Character backgroundEdit

His existence was revealed in the final episode (2.18) of Season 2. Daniel Meade Sr. had an affair with the child's mother over a decade earlier, but she had never contacted him to let him know the child was his. When she died, she left a letter for her son naming Daniel Sr. as the father. What no else knew, is that she also had a brief affiar with his older brother Alex. When Daniel Jr. came to New York City on a field trip, he left the group and wandered to Mode magazine, where he found Daniel. With the help of a translator, he told Daniel Sr. his story. Daniel initially denied he was the boy's father and demanded a paternity test, attributing the scandal to his nemesis, Wilhelmina Slater. Upon reading the letter from the boy's mother, he was convinced.

Season 3 begins one month after the finale, in late summer to early fall. Daniel Jr., now called DJ, understands more English, although he speaks very little. The same goes for Daniel Sr. in the reverse. He and his father communicate by predominately speaking to one another in their native languages with the occasional usage of words or sentences from the other. They understand each another with increasing success. As the show is English-language, DJ's French dialog is often clarified by situational context, the responses of the other characters or subtitles. His true paternity was later revealed and he and Alexis left together to France. Its assumed they've been working on bonding as mother and child.[[Category:Pregan

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