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Bobby Talercio
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Hilda Suarez (Wife)
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Justin Suarez (Step-Son)
Ignacio Suarez (Father-in-Law)
Rosa Suarez (Mother-in-Law)
Betty Suarez (Sister-in-Law)

Bobby Talercio is a fictional character on the American comedy-drama series Ugly Betty. He is portrayed by actor Adam Rodriguez.


Hilda dated Bobby in high school, not long before she got involved with Santos. Betty always had a crush on Bobby, but he always thought of her as a kid. Hilda and Bobby became reacquainted when she discovered that he was teaching Driver's Ed at Justin's school. Hilda and Bobby then began seeing each other again, but Ignacio wasn't pleased, because he had always believed that the rumors about Bobby's family being involved with the mob were true. Eventually, Bobby proves himself to Hilda, as well as to her family, and he asks her to marry him. Hilda at one point got pregnant by Bobby, but the joy was short lived in "Blackout!". When Bobby and Igancio took her for her sonogram, it was revealed that there was no heartbeat.

Meaning she had miscarried, while she is heartbroken by the news. Bobby reminds her, he's not leaving. They eventually get married at the end of the series. Bobby, Hilda, and his new stepson Justin also move out of Igancio's house and into an apartment in Manhattan.

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