Betty Suarez
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Episode Count
Beatriz U. Suarez
Betty (By Everyone)
Granny Pants (In High School)
Date of birth
Manner of death
Episode of death
Co-owner and executive producer of a London magazine

Features editor at Mode
Personal assistant to Daniel Meade
(Mode; 2006, 2007-2009, 2010)
(Player Magazine; 2008)
Personal assistant to Wilhelmina Slater (Mode 2008)
Personal assistant to Sofia Reyes

(MYW; 2007)
Rosa Suarez (Mother)

Ignacio Suarez (Father)
Hilda Suarez (Sister)
Yolanda Sálazar (Grandmother)
Mirta Suarez (Aunt)
Justin Suarez (Nephew)
Unborn Niece/Nephew (Via Hilda)
Bobby Talercio (Brother-in-law)
Clara Suarez (Cousin-in-Law)
Walter (Ex-Boyfriend)
Henry Grubstick (Ex-Boyfriend)
Gio Rossi (Ex-Boyfriend)
Jesse (fling)
Zachary Boule (Ex-Boyfriend)

Matt Hartley (Ex-Boyfriend)
S1 - S2 - S3 - S4

Beatriz U. "Betty" Suarez is a protagonist and heroine of the American comedy-drama series Ugly Betty. She is portrayed by America Ferrera, who won a 2007 Golden Globe and 2007 SAG award for her portrayal of the character, as well as the Outstanding Actress in a Comedy award for the role at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards and was nominated again in the same category at the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards. AOL named her one of the 100 Most Memorable Female TV Characters.

Betty is the Daughter of Rosa and Ignacio Suarez, the younger sister of Hilda Suarez and the aunt of Justin Suarez She is portrayed by America Ferrera.

Season OneEdit

Betty was first hired by the creator of Mode magazine, Daniel's father, Bradford Meade. Daniel only hired unqualified and attractive assistants, slept with them, and proceeded to dump and fire them. Since Betty was considered a plain Jane and not at all Daniel's type as she was sweet and intelligent, she was hired so Daniel wouldn't be tempted to sleep with his assistants anymore. At first Daniel was persuaded by his "friends" to push Betty to the very limit so she would quit and he could hire a new assistant, because Daniel's father refused to let him fire her. In the end he succeeded as Betty was humiliated by being forced to model short and tight clothes to small for her. He tried to stop it while it was happening but Betty had figured out his plan and she quit. Afterwards Daniel went to Betty's house and begged her to come back as she was the most qualified and nicest candidate who wasn't seeking for him to fail. She relented and went back to work for him. 

Betty was at first dating a seemingly nice guy, Walter. She and her sister thought he was going to propose to her, however he dumped her to sleep with her slutty neighbor, Gina Gambarro (who has a reputation for stealing guys from other girls) who then dumped him and Walter then begged for Betty back. She refused, for a time. Walter eventually talked her into giving him a second chance, but when he asked her to move in with him, Betty met Henry Grubstick. Walter was very jealous and immature, and refused to accept Betty's new life and goals. Betty breaks up with Walter, just in time for Henry to get back together with his ex-girlfriend Charlie.  

Season TwoEdit


Betty visits the hospital to be there for Daniel, who ignores her like if she was invisible after their argument on Betty's betrayal. Bummed by it she goes back to her home where she finds Claire Meade and Yoga (Amelia Bluman) hiding in her bedroom. Mrs. Meade asks her for one last favor before she leaves for Italy, that is, to find Bradford Meades will and make sure that Alexis and Daniel are in good hands. Betty and Henry make their way to Mr. Meade's office and to their surprise they find Wilhemina and Marc there too.

Season ThreeEdit


Season FourEdit




  • Daniel Meade - Former assistant to Daniel, but now a Features Editor; Her knowledge has helped Daniel succeed in their jobs at MODE. The two also seem to trust each other and depend on each other a lot making them very close friends as well as coworkers. During a speech made by Hilda it becomes apparent to viewers that Daniel is in love with Betty.
  • Amanda Tanen Sommers - Executive Assistant to the Editor in Chief at MODE; Amanda has wanted to get rid of Betty from the beginning, believing that Betty stole a job that should have been hers - assistant to Daniel Meade. She schemed to get rid of Betty by any and all means, so she could get her job and win Daniel's affection and admiration. After Betty agreed to take Sofia Reyes' job offer, Amanda replaced her temporarily as Daniel's assistant. In the episode "In or Out" she realized the assistant job was better suited to Betty and returned to her receptionist's desk with a pay raise. Despite her frequently taking jabs at Betty, the two seem to like each other and at times look to be friends. Betty is the only person to have seen Amanda crying after she ended her affair with Daniel. Amanda always seems interested in Betty's love life; she was with Betty when she found out Walter wanted Betty to move in with him. She also has fun tormenting Betty about her crush on Henry, calling him her "Nerd Lover".
  • Marc St. James - Editor at MODE; He constantly mocks Betty (he has captured her screw-ups on cellphone and then proclaims "I think I just found my new screen-saver!" after downloading it, and even dressed up as her for Halloween in which he almost got a raise from Wilhelmina, who then quickly changed her mind after saying she can barely stand seeing the "real" one), as long as he doesn't endure Betty's wrath since she has threatened him with a Queens-style beating. She has also threatened Marc that she'll expose his personal web page (with revealing images of himself) after she saw his screen-saver shrine to Betty and her mishaps; he deleted them immediately. Betty even once duped Marc into owing her a favor by giving him the coveted Gucci bag he wanted from the MODE closet. It actually turned out to be a knock-off and Marc wouldn't have admitted it was fake because it would have meant Betty tricked him. Recently, however, he hinted he likes Betty more than he lets on, telling her "you'll always be my little chimichanga".
  • Wilhelmina Slater - Daniel's assistant. Considers her as an enemy as she stands in the way of Wilhelmina reaching her goals. In the first season she attempted to bribe Betty with a check to help her father but she would have to sell out Daniel; She turned down her offer at first, but in the second season when she attempted to tell Daniel while he was recuperating following his car accident she was going make changes to another issue without him knowing, she gave in by allowing Wilhelmina to help her father return to the United States by not telling Daniel. When Wilhelmina at the helm at Mode in the third season, Betty was tempted by her to rejoin Mode under Wilhelmina, and she did, but resigned after realizing she didn't want to be the next Wilhelmina.

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